Fulford Show Produce and Handicraft Exhibition 2018

This will take place on Bank Holiday Monday, August 27th, 2018 in the Social Hall, School Lane, Fulford.

Printable labels for your exhibits - Please click HERE to download these labels, then print them and cut out as many as you need. Fill in the details of your entry or entries - note that the labels must be blank on the back. Please indicate whether you wish your item(s) to be reserved for you after the show. Bring the label(s) with your exhibit(s) on the morning of the show - further details are in the Exhibits Schedule below.

Exhibits timetable - takes place in the Social Hall on School Lane

8:30am - 10.15am Bring your exhibits to the Social Hall
10:30am Social Hall closed for judging
1:00pm The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress arrive. Social Hall reopens
4:30pm Awarding of trophies
4:45pm All reserved exhibits to be removed
5:00pm Sale of unreserved exhibits

Regulations for exhibitors

1. All exhibit classes are open to those living, working, attending school or classes, or having allotments in St Oswald's Parish (i.e. New Walk Terrace to Naburn Lane / Selby Road or thereabouts) and the adjoining communities of Badger Hill, Heslington, Naburn and Crockey Hill, or having a strong link with the community.

2. With the exception of items used in the flower arrangements, all exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor, plants having been grown (where applicable) in their own garden or allotment.

3. No exhibit should have been a prize winner in a previous Fulford Show and all handicraft exhibits must have been made in the last two years.

4. No prior registration is necessary. Exhibits to be staged as early as possible on the show day from 8:30 - 10:15am. The show rooms will be closed at 10:30am for judging.

5. Please visit the show website (www.fulfordshow.org.uk) to download entry slips which can be completed prior to the show. Alternatively these will be available in the show room on the day. Exhibitors will be responsible for placing these face down before their own exhibits. Entries for the children's classes must show the age of the exhibitor on both sides of the entry slip.

6. The judges will be entirely impartial and their decisions are final. Foods may be tasted.

7. The show rooms will be open to the public from 1:00pm. Exhibitors wishing to retain their exhibits must have their cards marked accordingly, and remove exhibits before 4:45pm, otherwise they may be offered for sale at 5:00pm

8. Prize cards will be awarded in all classes and there will be a cup or trophy for the best exhibit in each section, as well as a new Challenge Trophy. In the Fruit and Vegetable section points will be awarded as follows: 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point. Individual scores will be totalled up, and the Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the person who scores the most.

9. All articles are entered at the owner's risk and the committee cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Enquiries to the exhibits secretaries:

Margaret Birch, Barbara King and Louise Elsegood

Tel: 01904 633254

Email: exhibits@fulfordshow.org.uk

Schedule of Exhibits


Audrey Master Silver Challenge Cup

Mary Rosewarne Rose Bowl (best rose exhibit)

100 One rose

101 Three roses, one variety or mixed

102 Three stems of chrysanthemums

103 Three dahlias, any colour

104 Five sweet peas, any colour

106 Flowering pot plant (indoor/outdoor)

107 Foliage pot plant (indoor/outdoor)

108 Selection of outdoor garden flowers in a vase


With trophy for best exhibit

109 Cacti or succulents


Victoria Duffield Cup

110 An arrangement in the style of Vivienne Westwood

111 A miniature arrangement, no bigger than 9cm x 9cm


The Fulford Show Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Trophy will be awarded to the competitor who scores the most points overall in this section

Ernest Britton Challenge Trophy

Liza and Leslie Smith Memorial Cup

Cabbage family to be complete with roots. Root crops must be complete with tops. When several examples of one vegetable or fruit are shown they should be roughly uniform in size.

200 Four potatoes

201 Three carrots

202 Three beetroots

203 Three onions

204 Three shallots

205 Three courgettes

206 One marrow

207 One squash

208 One cabbage

209 Six runner beans

210 Six French beans

211 Salad tray - four different items

212 Any uncommon vegetable, named

213 Selection of four organically grown vegetables

214 Mis-shapes, fruit or vegetables

215 One cucumber

216 Six tomatoes, one variety

217 Six tomatoes, two varieties

218 Six soft fruit, any variety

219 Six stoned fruit

220 Three cooking apples

221 Three eating apples

222 Three pears


Yorkshire Evening Press Cup

No proprietary food mixes to be used

300 Three biscuits

301 Four shortbread fingers

302 Four flapjacks

303 Three scones

304 Three tarts

305 Fruit pie, pastry top and bottom

306 Three butterfly buns

307 Three sweet muffins

308 Victoria sponge with jam filling

309 Three gluten free buns

309 Four chocolate brownies

310 A decorated cake for a celebration

311 Fruit loaf

312 12 Cheese Straws. Ingredients: 190g / 6 1/2 oz plain flour, pinch salt, 100g / 4oz butter,100g / 4oz grated Cheddar cheese, pinch English mustard powder, small pinch cayenne pepper, 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp cold water. Rubbing in method. Oven 190°C / Gas 5


Trevor's of Fulford Cup

313 Traditional white or brown loaf

314 Fancy shaped bread

315 Six bread buns, white, brown or granary

316 A flavoured loaf made in a bread maker

317 Soda bread


White Rose Cup

All preserves to be in a plain jar

318 One jar of strawberry jam

319 One jar of other seeded fruit jam

320 One jar of stoned fruit jam

321 One jar of marmalade

322 One jar of fruit jelly

323 One jar of lemon curd

324 One jar of sweet chutney

325 One jar of pickled produce


Mitchell Tankard

400 One bottle of lager

401 One bottle of ale

402 One bottle of cider Wine

Duggie Barnes Rose Bowl

403 White wine

404 Rosé wine

405 Red wine

406 Fruit liqueur


Exhibits must not be more than two years old.

Crossley Cup

500 Miniature cross stitch

501 Item worked completely or mainly in cross stitch, no larger than 30cm x 30cm

502 Larger items worked completely or mainly in cross stitch

503 Other embroidered items

Cynthia Atkinson Rose Bowl

Handicrafts in this section must have the exhibitor’s name safely pinned on, face down

504 Quilting

505 Patchwork

506 Item of hand knitting

507 Crocheted item

508 An item made using a sewing machine

509 An item of clothing for a newborn baby - the Committee will make a donation to York Hospital Special Care Baby Unit for each item

510 A hat in any medium

Birch Cup

511 Item made from wood, metal, plastic or combination of these

512 Sculpture

513 Pottery / Ceramics

514 Handmade item of jewellery, any medium

515 Recycle re-use

516 Any other handicraft item

Irene Briddon Cup

517 Drawing in any medium

518 Painting in watercolours

519 Painting in oil / acrylic

520 Handcrafted greetings card

Fordlands Cup

For over 70s who enjoy creating hand made crafts

521 Any handmade item, eg: painting, sewing, knitting etc.


Gate Fulford Cup

522 Black and white photograph of people or animals

523 Black and white, any other subject

524 Colour photograph of people or animals

525 Colour photograph of any other subject

526 Black and white or colour, historical architecture, (with name of building/s)


Audrey Master Challenge Cup

Matthew Wriggleworth Shield

plus a trophy for each section winner

NB: Age will be taken into account and exhibitors must be under 17 years on the day of the Show


600 Craft item made mainly in felt

601 Homemade soft toy

602 A hand sewn item

603 An item using a sewing machine


604 Original picture, any subject, under 5 years

605 Original picture, any subject, 5 - 7 years

606 Original picture, any subject 8 - 11 years

607 Original picture, any subject 12 years and over

608 Collage

609 Greetings card, any medium

610 Computer generated poster 'Fulford Show 2019'

The winning entry, judged by the committee, will be used as a basis for the 2019 programme cover and poster.


611 Any subject, under 12 years

612 Any subject, 12 years and over


613 Three decorated buns

614 Three sweet muffins

615 Three biscuits

616 Three scones

617 Decorated sponge cake

618 A bread creation


619 Items made from wood, metal or plastic, or a combination of these

620 Model of original design

621 Model from a kit

622 A Lego creation, not from a kit

623 Decorated wooden spoon on theme of 'Mini Beast'

624 Hand made pottery / ceramics

625 Recycle, re-use

626 Any other handicraft item FLOWERS AND VEGETABLES

627 Selection of flowers arranged in a jam jar

628 Animal made from fruit and/or vegetables

629 Miniature garden on a tray or shallow container

630 Selection of three home grown vegetables

631 Selection of three home grown fruit

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